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About PyAC

PyAC -- Python Album Creator -- is an extremely easy-to-use, command-line based, template driven, lightweight Python script to create an image album.


+ Static HTML files generated
+ Thumnbail creation
+ Image information on each image's HTML file
+ Customization through generated CSS file
+ Optional EXIF support


+ Python -
+ Python Imaging Library -
+ -


14-APR-04 PyAC is now hosted at SourceForge.
13-APR-04 renamed to PyAC - Python Album Creator
11-APR-04 Implemented pyAlbum as a class.
 	  Added optional EXIF support.
06-APR-04 Added thumbnail support.
 	  Added scaling for individual image pages.
 	  Now requires PIL (
27-FEB-04 released.



Sample Albums

The best way to know what PyAC is capable of is to see sample albums created using it:


If you have used PyAC (or, and are interested in having a link to your album placed here, drop a line to pyalbum at rediffmail dot com. Python Powered Support PyAC

The PyAC project, copyright 2004.
This is an open source project released under the GNU/GPL terms.